Dublin Greenways Campaign – Launch 29 June 2017

A public meeting will be held on Thursday 29 June 2017 at 6:30pm  in the City Wall Space at Wood Quay Venue in Dublin.

The purpose of the meeting is to launch a campaign to seek adequate funding for six planned cycling routes (three on northside and three on southside)

Transport Infrastructure Ireland and the Department of Transport have highlighted cycling infrastructure as a key priority:

“to address urban congestion through improved public transport and additional public transport capacity, better walking and cycling infrastructure, improving efficiency and increased use of Intelligent Transport Systems”

(see Investing in our Transport Future and TII Statement of Strategy 2016 to 2021)

Now is the time to pressure the government and the Minister for Transport to deliver on this key strategic priority!

2017 has seen a marked increase in cycling deaths in Ireland. In 2016 the UN criticised Ireland for the poor investment in cycling infrastructure.

“The Department of Transport’s 2016 allocation for road improvements was €555 million. About €5.5 million went into improvements for cyclists and pedestrians but according to the UN’s recommendations the State should have invested some €111 million.”

(see Irish Times, ‘Unnecessary deaths’ caused by low spend on cycling infrastructure, 20 October 2016)

You can read about the six cycling routes planned for Dublin (three on northside and three on southside) here. The Green Party both in the Dáil and in Dublin City Council will be working to ensure the government increases expenditure on cycling infrastructure and in particular adequately funds these six key cycling greenways projects.  We need your help to put the pressure on Minister Ross to deliver these projects!

Please come and join us on Thursday 29 June!

Book free tickets for the event here.