Let’s get the Green vote out…!

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There are only a few days left to election day.

Please remind everyone you know who is interested in green issues that they need to vote for the local and European candidates who most reflect their views.  You can find a full list of Green Party candidates here.

If you live in Dublin, please remember to support Eamon Ryan for MEP, in South Grace O’Sullivan, in Midlands North-West Mark Deary and in Northern Ireland Ross Brown.

If you live in either of the local election wards in Dublin Bay South (Pembroke South-Dock or Rathgar-Rathmines) then your local candidates are Claire Byrne and Patrick Costello.  Both candidates have a great chance of getting elected but they need people like you to vote for them.  Please make sure to support them on election day and please encourage anyone you know to vote for them.






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