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Councillor Claire Byrne (South-East Inner City)

Twitter:                                 @CByrneGreen
Facebook:                            Claire Byrne Green Party
Instagram:                           cbyrnegreen
Mobile:                                 087 746 7872

Claire was first elected first as a Dublin City Councillor in 2014 in the local election ward of Pembroke South Dock.  In 2019 Claire was re-elected in the South-East Inner City ward.

Claire believes that local politics matters and is grateful for the opportunity the citizens of Dublin’s South-East Inner City (which includes Ringsend, Irishtown, Grand Canal Dock, Pearse Street, the South Georgian Core and Portobello) have given her to continue her work on the Council particularly in the areas of climate action, arts and culture, waste, public realm, cycling, walking, community and housing and to keep putting economic, environmental and social sustainability issues at the heard of the decision making process.

Claire has over 15 years experience in politics, work as an environmental education specialist, a sustainability consultant for the events industry and Body&Soul festival and is a parent and dog owner.

During her 2014-1019 term Claire was an active member of Council committees and external boards including: the South East Area Committee, the Environment Strategic Policy Committee, the Dublin Docklands Oversight Committee, the South Inner City Drugs Task Force, and the Board of the National Maternity Hospital.

Councillor Hazel Chu (Pembroke)

Twitter:                                 @hazechu
Facebook:                            Hazel Chu Green Party
Instagram:                            irishbornpanda
Mobile:                                  087 826 0428

Hazel was first elected first as a Dublin City Councillor in 2019 in the local election ward of Pembroke. Hazel was born and raised in Dublin. Her parents came to Ireland from Hong Kong in the 1970s. Hazel lives in Ranelagh, with her fiancé, Councillor Patrick Costello and their baby girl Alex.

Hazel trained a a barrister and was awarded a fellowship by UCD Smurfit, after which she worked in management in New York, Hong Kong, Sydney and Dublin. Hazel is the National Coordinator for the Green Party, Chair of the Executive and Spokesperson for Enterprise.  The 2019 budget for Dublin City Council is €970 million. As part of a council that oversees almost a billion euros, Hazel believes councillors need to be capable, responsible and willing to achieve what is best for the city.  Hazel believes in homes for all and a Cost Rental model to solve the housing crisis, ensuring the City Development Plan delivers a better city for us all, that Dublin has a cohesive vision for transport and that local government needs to play its part in tackling climate change. ________________________________________________________________________

Councillor Patrick Costello (Kimmage-Rathmines)

Twitter:                                 @Costellop
Facebook:                            Patrick Costello Green Party
Instagram:                            costellopatrick

Mobile:                                  087 943 1494

Patrick was first elected first as a Dublin City Councillor in 2014 in the local election ward of Rathmines-Rathgar.  In 2019 Patrick was re-elected in the Kimmage-Rathmines ward.

Patrick is a child protection social worker who previously worked in homeless and addiction services. He is a local scout leader and a volunteer member of a youth project in Crumlin. During his 2014-2019 term Patrick was a a member of the Housing and Planning Committees of Dublin City Council.

Patrick believes that better planned services and public facilities can improve our quality of life and strengthen our community, that local businesses should be better supported by the council and that the green principles of transparency and sustainable growth are needed more than ever as our city responds to changing times.


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