EUROPEAN and LOCAL ELECTIONS: Friday 23 May 2014

The local elections will be held with the European elections on Friday 23 May 2014 and polling will be between the hours of 7:00am and 10:00pm.

Register to Vote 2014

Are you on the Register of Electors?
You can check at If not, there is still time to apply for inclusion in the Supplement to the Register in order to vote at the elections.

For inclusion in this Supplement, application forms will need to be received by the Franchise Section of Dublin City Council not later than Tuesday 6 May 2014.

For those seeking inclusion in the supplement to the postal and special voters lists, the application forms will need to be received by the Franchise Section of Dublin City Council not later than Saturday 26 April 2014.

All application forms are available for downloading here
If you have any problems, the telephone number of the Franchise Section
of Dublin City Council is 222 5010

Who has the right to vote?
Irish, British and other EU Citizens: can vote at the European and local elections.
Non-EU Citizens: can vote at the local elections.

Campaign launch for Patrick Costello – Thursday 27 February


Patrick Costello is the Green Party’s candidate for the Local Elections 2014 in Rathgar-Rathmines.  Patrick has been out canvassing for the last few months calling on the doors of our neighbours, local business owners and community groups.

To kick off his official campaign for the local elections coming up on Friday 23 May Patrick is having a campaign launch for friends, family and local residents on Thursday the 27 February at 7pm, upstairs in TapHouse (formerly Russells) in Ranelagh.

Come along to show your support, it would be great to have a good turnout as a real show of strength!

Updates – February 2014


Updates below on some local issues in the Dublin Bay South Constituency.  Latest-Updates

How to report issues to Dublin City Council
If you need to contact DCC to report an issue (e.g. road surface, litter, graffiti, gully cleaning etc.) you can use their Self Service Portal to log a track your report.  Log on to the self service portal here.

Sandymount Repair Café – Christ Church Hall March 1st (2 to 5pm)
Read about it here and here.  This is a free event where everyone is invited to come along with broken possessions (such as household items, bikes, clothes, electronic goods, toys and so on) and learn how to repair them alongside expert volunteers in a café environment.

“The Junction” opens at the corner of Pearse and Macken Streets
The Junction is a an initiative of St. Andrews Resource Centre.  The Junction provides a space for local youth groups and for inner city enterprises. Read more about it here.

Dodder Flood Defence Works
Read about the flood defence works on the Dublin City Council website here.  The latest update is from October 2013: Construction works have commenced on site at Beatty’s Avenue and are scheduled to sequentially move upstream, with final Completion by end 2015.

Expansion to Dublin Bikes scheme
The Dublin Bikes schemes continues to grow.  The newest stations are at Hanover Quay, Grand Canal Dock and Benson Street.  Read more here.

Applications re-open for Temple Bar Markets
Potential traders who wish to go on the waiting list should request an application form by contacting us by email  Read more here.



Government Repeating Poolbeg Folly With Irish Water

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Acute need for a formal Public Accounts Committee investigation into Dublin City Council’s management of the project 

The Green Party today welcomed reports that the Poolbeg Incinerator project is likely to be dropped and calls on the Public Accounts Committee to formally investigate the actions of Dublin City Council in the mismanagement of this project.

Commenting on today’s news, Green Party Environment Spokesperson, Malcolm Noonan, said, “This was a Celtic Tiger folly which should have been scrapped years ago. We have wasted some €100 million in public money, a lot of which could have been saved if Dublin City Council had co-operated with John Gormley when he was Minister for the Environment.”

“This was always the wrong solution to Dublin’s waste problem. The rise of recycling and a reduction in the production of unnecessary waste killed the project years ago but it has taken the council years to acknowledge that fact. We urgently need to learn lessons so that the same mistakes are not repeated in the roll out of Irish Water and future public projects.” 

“Dublin City Council has serious questions to answer. We already know that they illegally extended a contract with RPS, and the High Court found that they had illegally attempted to prop up the collapsing incinerator project by forcing private waste collectors to use it. The Public Accounts Committee needs to investigate why they agreed to take on Covanta as a private partner without re-opening the tender process. They also need to ask why they signed the agreement with Covanta during the 2007 general election campaign when no government was in place.” 

“More than anything else, this has been a story of an administration system working outside any proper democratic control. The Oireachtas Environment Committee needs to immediately outline what legislative changes are needed so that such an abuse of unelected power never happens again.” 

“The Green Party believes that we cannot export our waste problem, and that the answer to this issue starts at home. Our waste stream is a valuable resource and we can create sustainable employment if we develop waste solutions which are also environmentally responsible. We have the technological know-how to extract valuable metals and other high value items, while organic waste can be used to provide materials which support agriculture and energy policy. The green and brown bins deployed across the city can help to make that happen. The decision to introduce those recycling facilities was pushed through by the Green Party at the same time that Labour, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail voted for incineration. What the other parties didn’t expect was that Irish people would take to recycling in such a way that there was no need in the end for the incinerator. Today marks a small but important victory for common sense and sustainability over short-term thinking and improper bureaucratic control.”

Clearest evidence yet that Government has failed most vulnerable

Clearest evidence yet that Government has failed most vulnerable

The Green Party representative on Social Protection, Charlie Ridgway, came out with a scathing attack on the government’s record and rhetoric on protecting the most vulnerable after figures were released that show that the number of people sleeping on the streets of Dublin has increased 50% since April this year.

Mr. Ridgway stated, “It just shows the emptiness of all the talk from government, particularly around budget time, in relation to protecting the most vulnerable. Is there any more vulnerable group in society than people who have no option but to sleep on the streets? We have seen the consequences of this in recent times – there are people dying on our streets who might well have been alive today had there been a bed for them for the night.”

“I know for a fact that every night on Dublin’s Homeless Freephone line people are being refused a bed for the night due to homeless services being inadequately funded.”

“It might not be a popular thing to say, but I think the NGO’s in the area also need to look hard at themselves and the role they are playing. The homeless services sector is now highly professionalised and in many ways politicised. The complexity of homeless services, with all the NGO interests involved, needs to be examined and  questions need to be asked as to the best allocation of resources and configuration of services to make sure that people do not sleep on our streets and have adequate supports to move to independent accommodation.”

“In the past, if you were homeless you were homeless, but now there are unnecessarily complex criteria to fulfil before you are given adequate assistance. This has lead to a situation where a lot of homeless services providers are now making the decisions on who is a ‘deserving homeless person’ and who is an ‘undeserving homeless person’. I fear that with increased professionalisation has come a growth in the idea of managing homelessness rather than pulling out all the stops to eliminate it.”

“Frankly it is a national disgrace that in 2013 in Ireland we are letting people sleep on our streets and having to deny them a bed for the night. This has been a worsening crisis for many years and this government has made abundantly clear that it does not see it as a political priority.”

“Nobody is saying that homelessness is not a complex issue, but what we are talking about here is a simple guarantee of very basic human dignity for everyone in Ireland if they fall on hard times. Labour in particular have questions to answer on this, as a party that sells itself as representing social justice issues and caring for society’s less well off.”

Poolbeg: Time to terminate wasteful incinerator project

Poolbeg: Time to terminate wasteful incinerator project along with illegal contract.

European Commission just the latest body to highlight Dublin City Council’s cavalier approach.

Green Party representative and Local Election candidate in Pembroke-South Dock, Charlie Ridgway, has responded to the recent decision by Dublin City Council to cancel the illegal consultants contract, on which more than €32 million has already been spent, noting that:

“Labour and Fine Gael Councillors control Dublin City Council. Do they really want this totally unsustainable, white elephant project to still go ahead? These same two parties are also in national government and should now compel City Management to abandon their hugely expensive and wasteful project. Already, €95 million has been spent before a construction worker has even set foot on the ground.”

“Action must be taken before millions more euros are wasted on reports, consultancy fees, reviews and other follies that will never be able to justify this project to the people of Dublin.”

“So who still wants the incinerator?” Charlie Ridgway concluded.

Green Party Environment Spokesperson, Councillor Malcolm Noonan, echoed these comments, saying:

“This decision clears the way for an alternative approach to resource management; one that could create sustainable employment through recycling and reuse in Ireland. By developing a recycling economy here we can maximise the potential of valuable materials which otherwise would have been burned in an out of scale incinerator that was way beyond our needs in the first place.”

“Former Environment Minister John Gormley was right when he challenged the sustainability of the Poolbeg project. It is the Green Party’s hope that his successor will now act decisively to bring about a change in policy that will respect the need to look at our waste management problem as a resource management challenge.”

Remember to check if you are registered to vote


The Local and European Elections will take place in May 2014 – are you registered to vote?

One of the easiest ways of checking if you are registered to vote is to do so on line – go to, click on “Leinster” as your province, followed by “Dublin City Council” as your local authority, and then enter your details. If you have any problems, the telephone number of the Franchise Section of Dublin City Council is 222 5010.

If you have recently moved, you can notify the Franchise Section of Dublin City Council so that the Supplementary Register can reflect your new address. You have to fill in a Change of Address (RFA 3) form which, after being completed, must be witnessed by a member of the Garda Síochána. The form can then be sent to the Franchise Section, Dublin City Council, Block 4, Floor 1, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

All forms are available for downloading at

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